Farewell of Mr.Thinley District Engineer on 2 nd April, 2019

Farewell of Mr.Thinley District Engineer

The Dzongkhag Administration, Haa held the farewell of Mr.Thinley(EID No. 8501065) District Engineer on 2nd April, 2019 upon successfully completing 34 years in the service of Tsa-Wa-Sum attaining the age of 58 years as of 31st March, 2019.

During his tenure in the Dzongkhag he has been highly regarded for his seniority by the general staff and in particular for the technical advises to the upcoming Engineers. Over the 34 years of services, he has contributed significantly and served in eight Dzongkhags

The Dzongkhag Administration would like to thank Mr.Thinley for his unwavering service to the Tsa-Wa-Sum in general and Haa Dzongkhag in particular.

Tashi Delek for the successful completion of his service and we wish him luck in all his future endeavor.