World Environment Day

Tue, 04 June 2024
Tue, 04 June 2024
Haa Dzongkhag

Haa Dzongkhag in collaboration with Bhutan Red Cross Society Haa, celebrated the 34th Birthday of our beloved Gyaltshuen headed by Dasho Dzongrab, Lam Neten, Dasho OC, Thrizin, Forest range, sector heads, and Red Cross volunteers. Coinciding the day with the World Environment Day (4th June, 2024), 3 trees were planted in the surrounding of Lhakhang Karpo.

The day was followed by plogging activity (combination of jogging or walking with picking up litter) from Chelela till BOD, promoting both physical activity and environmental stewardship. All Dzongkhag staffs and 16 Red Cross volunteers were involved and divided into 3 groups with each group covering approximately 8.9 Kms, making a total of around 27Kms.

The primary objective of organizing a plogging event in Haa Dzongkhag is to raise awareness about environmental conservation and waste management while promoting community engagement and physical activity.

This cleaning activity to Chelela Highway was so powerful making a huge impact to our Dzongkhag on the World Environment Day. All participation in this initiative demonstrated our commitment to our shared responsibility in preserving the integrity of our surroundings. The time and effort each one of us invested today’s cleaning activity has made a significant difference in the overall appearance and environmental impact of our area.

Thank you to all the staffs and volunteers for invaluable contributions. These efforts are truly appreciated and have made a positive impact on our shared environmental stewardship.