Bebji ECR

Brief Background:

Bebji ECR is located in Kharkha village under Sangbaykha gewog, Haa with an area of 1.16 acres. It was established in the year 2012 with just 3 classrooms, 2 units’ staff quarters, constructed with ekara type and 4 units pit toilets. It was started with about 30 students in the initial with classes PP, I and II. During the establishment, Mrs. Tshering Pelmo was the Teacher-Incharge and Namgay Pem, Community Based Teacher (CBT). It was established as ECR in order to cater education for the children of Bebji Rehabilitation Project.

At present also it’s an ECR from classes PP to III with 45 students (23 boys and 22 girls). The ECR is run by two regular general teachers with one cook. It’s a WFP feeding school with two meals a day.


Future Proposal:

In line with the education policy and to meet the demand of the public of Bebji Rehabilitation Project, there will be a need to up-grade and expand Bebji ECR to Primary school in future. There is also increasing enrolment yearly. So, in order to expand and put basic required facilities in school, acquisition of enough government land has become essential.

For up-gradation of ECR to Primary school in future, the following basic facilities are required to be put in place:

  1. Reconstruction of existing 3 units classrooms.
  2. Construction of 3 units’ additional classrooms.
  3. Construction of administrative unit.
  4. Construction of staff quarters.
  5. Construction of Kitchen cum Store.
  6. Construction of toilets for both teachers and students.
  7. Construction of water supply.
  8. Construction of play grounds.
  9. Construction of MPH.
  10. Construction of Community Based Early Childhood Care and Development centre (ECCD)



The Dzongkhag Land Sector is requested to survey both the existing Bebji ECR land and acquire the vacant government land adjoining the school land in order to facilitate the education sector to plan and up-grade Bebji ECR to Primary school in the 12th plan.