Damthang Primary School

Brief Background on the School:

Damthang Primary School was established in 1979 under the leadership of Mr. Chumba Drukpa as the first head teacher. At the initial stage, there were only one hundred students with three teachers. It was established within the RBA colony as primary school with semi-permanent infrastructure.

The construction of School infrastructure at present site was started in 1994 and handed over to SMB (School Management Board) for use at the end of the year 1995. The new school was inaugurated by his Excellency Mr. Dali Martha, India Ambassador to Bhutan on 29th April 1996.

The record maintained by the school over the years reveal that it has kept on progressing with  time through the hard effort put in by the teachers and students and it has also brought many prizes and trophies from inter school competitions.

With increase in the demand from the society the school got upgraded to a lower Secondary school in the year 2002 and had successfully functioned till the end of 2013. Then from 2014 academic session, as per the government’s and education’s policy, the school was once again downgraded to a primary school.

At present the school has a stretched area of 11.005 acres which is well fenced by barbed wire. The school also has an agriculture farming land of about one acre.

At present, the school is g headed by Mr. Tenzin Thinly, Principal who joined in the year 2014.