Jampel HSS

Brief Background on the School:

Established in the year: 2013

Gewog: Bji, Village: Chumpa: Dzongkhag: Haa.


School Motto

“For Tsa Wa Sum Always”


We envision a school that prepares students for 21st century so that they acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become responsible and contributing citizens.



Provide students a nurturing and safe environment and engage them actively in the learning process. Instill a spirit of patriotism where by students place unwavering love and royalty to our King and Country.


  1. To provide opportunities for higher education.
  2. To benefit local students pursuing their studies in their home town.
  3. To provide quality education.
  4. To provide wholesome education.
  5. To ensure 100% enrollment in secondary education.
  6. To ensure zero percent drop out after grade X.