Katsho Lower Secondary School

Brief Background on the School:

Katsho that forms the acronym of (Katsho Always Teaches to be sincere, Humble and Obedient) was established in 1975 as Primary School during the tenure of the then Director of Education Dasho Nado Rinchen. The people of Katsho Gewog requested for the construction of school at the present location in Ingo. The public of Katsho on free of wage undertook the construction and materials were supplied by the education division. The school was started with about 90 students and the first Head Teacher was Mr. Kaka Tshering. The enrolment of the school increases year after year.

During the eighth Five Year Plan, His Majesty the fourth King had granted the approval to upgrade the school to Junior High School. From 1999-2000 new buildings for science lab, library and six class rooms were constructed. In 2003, the new administrative block with two additional classrooms were put to use. The school has all the facilities which make the school into a full-fledged Lower Secondary School.

Presently the school has strength of 522 students with classes from PP- VIII and there are 18 sections with 31 teachers and 7 supporting staff.

The school not only caters to the children of 20 dzongkhags of Bhutan but also to the non-Bhutanese children who graduate from Wangchuk Lodzong Military School IMTRAT. The school has been selected as one of the child friendly schools since 2007.