Cleaning campaign: build-up program for the upcoming 116th National Day

06 January 2024

The whole Haa Dzongkhag – comprising the civil servants, LG members, business community, corporate employees, royal court of justice, RBP, De-Suups, teachers, support staff and the general public joined forces in a cleaning campaign today, as part of the build-up program for the upcoming 116th National Day. The cleaning campaign saw more than 200 people participate and has cleaned more than 8 km, lifting about three truckloads of waste.

The Dzongkhag Administration is poised to making the Dzongkhag into one of the cleanest Dzongkhags in the country, and such a joint effort has not only helped clean up the places but it is hoped that it has created very impactful awareness among the people.

The Dzongkhag Administration extends heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined forces today, and looks forward to maintaining the momentum into the future. The Dzongkhag will also spearhead creation of more robust awareness programs, followed by strict application of penalties to the defaulters.