RBP Haa conducted demonstration on fire safety, prevention and rapid response

31 January 2024

At the request of the Dzongkhag Administration, the RBP Haa provided technical service to conduct demonstration on fire safety, prevention and rapid response. The training is being provided to a De-Suup Rapid Response Team (RRT), consisting of eight regular members.

A fire safety, prevention and response demonstration was also conducted for the entire Dzongkhag staff on the afternoon of 31 January 2024.

The Dzongkhag is also in the process of establishing an RRT and to start a system of monthly inspection of all fire safety equipment and other resources for the major government institutions and vital installations starting February 2024. Such inspection will be conducted jointly by the Dzongkhag Disaster Management section, RBP, Dratshang, BPC and De-Suup.