Tshaphel and Kana modular, double-lane Bridges inaugurated

15 October 2023


Tshaphel and Kana modular bridges were inaugurated by His Excellency the Minister for Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport yesterday. The bridges were constructed by the Project DANTAK.

These modular bridges are the first of their kind in Bhutan. Such bridges are said to be a new technology and offer many advantages chiefly including their higher load capacity and reusability at a different location. Both the bridges have the load capacity of 70 metric tons, and they are also double-lane.

The Hon. Minister thanked the Government of India and the Project DANTAK for delivering the bridges within a very short period of time. The bridge is not only going to benefit the people of Bhutan, but it is also symbolic of the of Bhutan-India relationship.

The Project DANTAK also thanked the Royal Government of Bhutan and the Local Government for the cooperation and support.