Katsho Goenpa

Chiwog: Yatam


Location: Katsho Goenpa


Name: Katsho Goenpa/ Katsho Lopdrag


Main Nangten: Guru( Nagtsingay)


Lam: Jigme(Wozine)


Monks: 23 (total of both students and teachers)- all the students are form Haa,Paro and Thimphu.The youngest student is 9 years old and the oldest is 22 years old.


Neeype/Administrator; Kuenzang Tshering

Phone# 17745017



Brief History;

It was established by Lam Choney Dorji about 200 years ago, at around 19 th century.

Lam Choney Dorji had a vision that his destiney was at this place and it will be good for the people living in this area, he also dreamed before the construction that the sky was full of stars shining brightly and named it as Kartsho.

The lhakhang was two storied before, but after the lhakhang was burned down twice by the fire about 50 years ago the lhakhang has only one flate.

The lopdrag was establish about 11 years ago.