Bji Gewog


Bjee Gewog is one of the largest among the six Gewogs under Haa Dzongkha with a total population of 3230 (male-1468 and female 1762). The geog has a total of 23 villages with 278 households with a total of five chiwogs (Taloong, Yangthang,Chumpa,Gyensa and Chempa). The total area of the Gewog is 802.2sq.Kms with 80 % of its total area covered by forest and is bordered by China to the north and Katsho Gewog in the south

The Gewog is contained by the pure alpine region and the altitude ranges from 2750 to 3300 meter above sea level. Since it falls within the pure alpine region, it experiences cold and dry winter and wet and warm summer. Temperature in winter drops as low as minus seven degree Celsius and receives snowfall several times in a year starting from late October till April.

The Main income sources for the farmers are livestock and the farmers are economically better off. Most populations of the Gewog are farmers depending on livestock and cereal crops and  few raising yaks. The farmers also cultivate wheat, potatoes and other vegetables for their consumption and sell the surplus in the nearby market through which they use the money for buying the basic necessitates at home. The farmers are also supported by two power tillers supplied by the government for enhancing the farming works in the villages. The farmers are also provided with electric fencing facilities of about 21.99 kms with support from the government to safeguard their cash crops and food grains from losing to the wild animals. Almost all villages are accessible and well connected by farm roads and numerous pedestrian wooden bridges have also been constructed for inter-village accessibility and almost all the households have the full coverage of safe drinking water facilities and improved sanitations.

The geog is about seven kms from the Dzongkhag center and all the villages are well connected by both B-mobile and Tashi cell network coverage along with the 2G and 3G network services.

The geog has also one Basic Health Unit located at Yangthang and 3 schools one at Damthang (Damthang Primary School) one at Chundu (Chundhu Armed Forces Public School) and one at Jampel Higher Secondary School (Private). The gewog has one community center located at Gyensa near the geog center office and one farm shop at Yangthang.

Since the geog is one of the largest among the six gewogs in the Dzongkhag, it receives the highest budget in comparison to the other five geogs and 95% of the population are well off with all the basic necessities and other modernized facilities.