Samar Gewog

Samar Gewog has 5 chiwogs with 359 households and population of 2500. The Gewog has total area of 361.7 sq. Km with altitude ranging from 2000masl to 3200masl. The Gewog is bordered by Naja Gewog of Paro in the east, Gakiling in south, Bji in the west and Eusu in the north. The Gewog Administration office is located at Balamna. Two of the chiwogs of the Gewog lies on the Haa-Thimphu highway, and rest of the chiwogs are connected with Farm road,


The Gewog experiences cool summer with heavy rainfall and cold winter with snowfall. The soil type is mostly sandy loam-clay which is suited for growing potatoes, wheat, and assorted vegetables. The main cash crops of the farmers are Apple & Potatoes, main cereal is wheat, main fruit crop is apple and new cash crops are medicinal & aromatic plants. Pacha, Damroo, Nakey, Mushrooms, & Pan Leaves are some of the forest products the farmers depend for income.


The people of the Gewog mainly depend on livestock.  They still practice nomadic life. They migrate to Samtse and other warmer places where they can easily find fodder for their cattle during the winter with their cattle and come back to their home in summer for few months.