Katsho Gewog


Background of Katsho Gewog


Located at an altitude ranging from 2850 to 3100 meters above sea level and with an area of 42.8 square meters, Katsho Gewog is the smallest of the six gewogs in Haa Dzongkhag which caters to 250 households and a population of 1385. There are five Chiwogs and eleven villages namely Wangtsa, Bali (Bali & Mombitshokha), Yatam (Yatam & Katsho Goenpa), Ingo (Ingo & Pharakha), Kajana-Drading (Kajana, Namchu, Naktshang & Gangkha). All the villages are connected with farm roads, have good coverage of rural water supply schemes, electricity and telecommunication connectivity.


The Dzongkhag Administration and   Haa town are located in proximity of Katsho gewog.  Facilities such as, Bali BHU grade I, Katsho Lower Secondary School, Forest Range Office, Community Center are in Katsho providing wide range of  basic services to the people. Further, Six Lhakhang/Goenpa namely Wangtsa Lhakhang, Bali Lhakhang, Katsho Goenpa, Lungkha Lhakhang, Jung nay Drag and Dradhing Lhakhangs provide spiritual services to the community.


People of Katsho Gewog largely depends their livelihoods on livestock production. They rear yaks and cattle for cash income. In addition, people of this gewog grow barley, buckwheat and wheat as staple crops. Some people also grow apples, potatoes, peas and vegetables for household revenue generation and domestic consumption. People of Katsho observe Chungdu Sulkha, popularly known as Chundu’s Birthday and marks Lomba every year.