Sertena School

Brief Background on the School:

The name of the school today we called it as Sertena Primary School, people usually say they called this place as Serdyelna. The place was located in one of very remote areas and people have tough time climbing mountains to get ration for their families. Before it was under Samtse Dzongkhag and in 2008 when demarcation of constituency was done it was taken by Haa Dzongkhag, Gakiling geowg. Before arrivalof school in this place people kept their children as a cow herder and baby sitter for others. It was a great day for the people of this village when school started as an ECR with 2 teachers and 1 contact teacher with 20 students. The village was very far from both the Dzongkhags. i.e Samtse and Haa. The school was upgraded as primary school in 2014 with 55students, classes from PP – V. Today we have 58 students and 4 male teachers.